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To produce safe accessory products to protect against the cyber-attacks of the digitizing world and to be a pioneering fashion brand with our stylish and modern designs that do not sacrifice quality in doing so.

To make our customers feel safe and enjoy their life; to add elegance to every moment of life with our featured product alternatives, to be environment-friendly and give utmost importance to our corporate social responsibilities, to take our power from Turkey and progress through European cooperation and finally become a global brand.


To develop solutions against security vulnerabilities of today's world and to keep track of emerging technologies and develop innovative products to make our customers feel safe in their daily lives and to become a leading brand in the field of combining fashion with technology.


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Goldberg is an accessory brand that prevents your personal data from being stolen with the help of patented and certified technology. At the same time, it offers stylish and modern designed products.

The patented RFID Blocking Shield feature of our products help secure your contactless cards with high-priority personal data such as Identity Card, driver's license, bank card, credit card, passport, transportation cards, corporate ID cards, which are frequently used in everyday life; it acts as a shield against digital thefts.

We facilitate our valued customers with everyday use accessories such as wallet, card holder, bag, passport case, phone case, tablet case and laptop cover; all of which possess stylish and functional designs. We are a leading brand in the high-quality security accessory products.


Our patented and certified RFID Blocking Shield featured products ensure that all your important chip, magnetic and contactless cards that are constantly used in everyday life are protected against digital theft, and we leave you to enjoy your life.


In addition to preparing stylish and modern product collections by closely following today's fashion trends, we also offer our customers 'timeless' designs that can be used in every season.


When producing our products, we act with the awareness of social responsibility, we are sensitive to the environment and animals. We obtain all of the leather we use in our production from the animals that are used in the food industry.

We produce all our high-quality products by taking advantage of the invaluable knowledge and deep-rooted experience of Turkish leather and textile industries. We carefully select our raw materials processing through specialized manufacturer in the field and combine them with innovative technologies to give the perfect outcome.


We believe that it is the right of everyone to feel elegant and self-confident, and we strive to create products that appeal to everyone when determining our product range.

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